Who we are?

MVLacquer is one of the most admired team which is basically based in Island of Maldives, Thulhaadhoo. We are a team of professionals and highly experienced people who are very renowned for their very creative and extraordinary lacquer products which are proficient enough to add brilliance in perfection of any house or office. Our team will introduce very interesting and unique designs with all the best colors and high quality material that can help you decorate your homes and get the required eye-catching looks.

To make the lacquer products our team dedicate themselves to get the best of everything which result in our improved customer and requirements satisfaction level. We make every possible effort to fulfill your requirements with our finely produced products. From sculpting the wood to polishing of lacquer coating, our each work will be extra efficient. All our services and products are available in very affordable prices to make one of the most beneficial deal for you and your homes.

From tradition to modern fashion world, Lacquer has been amazing to decorate your homes with their premium and unique features

Lacquer work is basically known as “Laajehun” which is done on woods to conserve their quality for long periods of time and prevent it from different weather conditions. But due to the great beauty of this work which is made from blend of the juices of trees, it has been highly admired and thus has become the source of attractiveness for many places. The lacquer work is being utilized to improve the beauty and decorate the interior of homes and buildings.

This lacquer work is also mostly used to present the artistry of local craftsmen. And now this very traditional work has become a need to improve the beauty of any place. With highly effective designs along with some amazing colors and techniques mainly introduced on wood imprinted objects such as vases and jewelry boxes, the lacquer work has been flawless to decorate your homes and buildings from great to wonderful.

Experience with tradition and proficiency with techniques make our products center of attraction and admiration for your well organized places

Our team is all the very best to come up with highly innovative and unique products that will be beyond expectations for your homes or buildings. Our team will introduce highly attractive products with their creativity and skills keeping in mind, your requirements with a fine touch of quality. In the course of the lacquer work, a piece of wood is shaped to desired form which is then layered with different layers of lacquer colors. Prominently used colors are black, red, yellow and sometimes green. These layers are then treated with silver or gold dust to improve their colors and beauty.

After this procedure, great featuring, well designed and premium quality lacquer product will be formed which will be already to decorate and add brilliance in the styles and looks of your homes, buildings or working places. You will have great experience with our services and will definitely get proficient products in very affordable prices.