Wooden Lacquer Gold Vase with Engraving


The Traditional Carved and Lacquered Vase is the perfect specimen and example of the mastery that Maldivian craftsman possess. The wooden base has been carved by hand into an elegant, curved, and sleek shape with a fine and smooth finish. The wooden body is then coated by hand with a layer of shiny lacquer, covered in bands of a striking Gold and a rich black tone, along with a gorgeous yellow and black design in the center that has been painted on by hand. All in all, this one of a kind product has the potential to accentuate the look of any setting that it is placed in.



Whether you need the perfect gift for a friend or family member, the ideal home décor piece that will fill that space on your shelf and then some, or a traditional souvenir that will help you keep a piece of Maldivian craftsmanship and culture always close at heart, the Traditional Carved and Lacquered Vase is the perfect item for you.

Gold Vase

6" Height X 2.5" Diameter, 8" Height X 3" Diameter, 10" Height X 4" Diameter, 12" Height X 4.5" Diameter, 15" Height X 5" Diameter, 18" Height X 6" Diameter, 24" Height X 7" Diameter, 18" Height X 6" Diameter


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