Purple Libaas design jewellery Box


Be it your home or office, every space demands storage for your delicate jewelry. One might get cabinets but they are too bulky for the small stuff, right? That being said, we are offering wooden lacquer jewelry boxes that complement your space’s theme and add vibrancy that lights up the entire place with colors. Topped with a handle on top, the wooden lacquer jewelry boxes are the most convenient to use.



If you want to spruce up your space with Maldivian crafts, these wooden lacquer jewelry boxes will act as perfect storage for your amazing jewelry pieces. The boxes are the local handicrafts that are cut out and curved from the locally available trees, making them the epitome of sustainability. The wood used to make these jewelry boxes is fragrant, so you will enjoy the subtle aromas. The wooden lacquer jewelry boxes are available in different colors, so you can choose according to the theme. Not to forget, we top the jewelry boxes with polish, so the colors don’t fade and keep adding colors.


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