Premier Lacquered Black & Green


Looking for something different in a pen? We get it. Pen designs can be really boring. There’s nothing new in design going around when it comes to pens. Our Premier Lacquered Green changes that by offering you a traditional Maldivian design blended with a high-quality writing experience. The effect of having a soothing green to accompany a shining black is enough to capture anyone’s attention.


Lacquered Metal Pen With Green & Black

Green is an ideal color to go with a lacquered finish. Pairing that with black only adds to the attractiveness of this pen. The combination of green and black plus silver bands gives this pen quite the stylish and unique appearance. On the cap, we see the black band decorated in a flower pattern with thin strokes of yellow. The unique design of this lacquered pen takes design cues from the culturally rich Maldives. The pen is not just good looking but provides the highest quality of writing experience too.

Get it now for yourself or maybe even for a loved one or a friend as the perfect gift. To add a personalized touch and feel to it you can also choose to have your(or anyone else’s) name carved onto the side of the pen.


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