Lacquer Dhivehi Raazuvaa


Wooden chess (raazuvaa) pieces carved with pinpoint accuracy and given a polished painted look of red and black paying homage to its Maldivian roots, paired perfectly with a wooden chess board with a beautiful criss-cross of dark and light coloured wood.


A variant of Indian Chess, Maldivian Chess (literal meaning; Dhivehi Raazuvaa) follows the same rules as modern Chess albeit with exceptions to castling, king and queen positions at the start, and pawns’ first move. With the pieces having only changed appearance the aspects of the game still remain the same with objective being to checkmate the opponent’s king. MvLacquer brings to you the authentic Maldivian experience with chess pieces made from locally sourced wood as well as imported wood made to your preference. Carved precisely by machine and coated with quality red and black paint that make the pieces more durable and shine with color, our chess pieces are vintage with style and culture. The chessboard is no different in quality with the finest wood used and handmade with the accuracy of many years of experience. Dark and light colored wood intertwined to bring the sixty four squares of our chessboard to life with every inch framed edge to edge within the well lined margins of the board.


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