Lacquer Tin


Whether we believe it or not, we all miss the tins when we cannot find them but we have the most amazing wooden carved tins for you. Designed and cut out from the highest quality of wood, these wooden carved tins are the embodiment of perfection, precision, eminence, and excellence.


The wooden carved tins are curated to create intricate tins for our customers. The wooden carved tins are made from the local wood because we have it available in abundance and want to sell the legacy. With these tins, you get the souvenir in form of a compact storage tin. Our extremely experienced and trained craftsmen design the tins with intricate details and carvings. The wooden carved tins can be engraved with beautiful patterns and are available in various sizes. Moreover, there is an extensive range of colors available, so your aesthetics aren’t compromised. Not to forget, we add the colored lacquer to add shine and smoothness!



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